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We Got You Covered!

We are insurance experts with more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry in GCC, North Africa, Levant and Turkey.

Tameen Advisor

We develop insurance technology in UAE and aiming to facilitate the selling process online through new and unique features. As a result of our long experience in the insurance industry we want to provide a new level of knowledge and understanding of insurance.
Our portal allows the client to compare the market and chose the best price and value. Clients pay online and receive their policy on email, through a fully automated process.
We also develop solutions offline. And bring to the market insurance facilities and innovative products.
Company Summary
Tameen Advisor was founded and owned by Ahmad Imira, in June 2018 as a free zone company, in Dubai’s first smart city, Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai Digital Park.
Our team has more than 20 years of experience in reinsurance. Together with our amazing IT team we are uniquely speaking both languages, insurance and IT.
We started operations in UAE in September 2019, and moving on to more markets in the region, soon.

Why Tameen Advisor?
A critical factor in the Sales of insurance is trust! Most clients do not understand clearly and share the feeling of suspecting insurance. And we took it from there..
We are building trust relationship with our clients. By explaining all the sides, benefits, exclusions of the policies. Why it is expensive but better and why it is cheap but not a good option.
What is different | Niche service
As an insurance advisor we are bridging the gap in the following:
- Comparing the market and finding the best price and best value. We make a recommendation for A good reason
- Insurance Knowledge and expertise. We are focused on insurance only
- Automation and online technology. Unique features, online process and innovative products.

We are focused on adding value:
1- Technicality:
- We explain the technical basis of choosing a product. Apart from the cost we tell the client why a product fits them better.
- We Un-complicating insurance and Simplifying products. So, our clients get to make a decision based on understanding and knowledge.

2- Technology
- Premiums are paid directly to the insurance company
- Automated emails and auto generated links to be shared with clients and works more possible scenarios of the process
- Using the API technology to reduce the time needed for inputs and outputs. To fill in application directly into the insurance company’s systems. And issue the policy directly from the insurance company.
- We created pricing engine equipped with advanced features to facilitate the job of the agent and make it mostly automated and systematic.

What we do at Tameen Advisor

We offer you safety and security through your preferred insurance plans. We got your back in this insurance journey, totally hassle free and personal advice to offer you what you need.

  • We research different insurance policies and coverage and bring them to you.
  • We display a comparison table with ratings to make the decision process easy for you.
  • We compare multiple brands and their products in different categories to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved at its peak.

We research, we rate, and you compare!

Our ratings will guide you in choosing the right insurance coverage that best suits your needs. Based on these, you can easily make comparison online and pick only the best after considering the different options — little wonder why we are seen as the expert insurance aggregator in Dubai.

Our Vision

To be the destination for insurance solutions and online services. Tameen Advisor to be the iconic name in the insurance technology industry, offering all professional services in one place. Tree =
Prosperity + Protection

Our Mission

Tameen Advisor works on delivering awareness and knowledge to everyone.
As an online insurance hub, we make the information available for everyone regardless of their level of knowledge or understanding of insurance.
We provide the most advanced technology online and most automated in the market gathered with a friendly user experience to our clients.

Platform ONE Technology

Tameen Advisor is a part of Platform One holding company.