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Is insurance mandatory by law? Do I have to buy insurance?

The following cases are mandatory by law. You have to buy insurance for an employee who has salary less than AED 4,000. And you have to buy TPL insurance for your car before applying for registration renewal.

What is TPA?

Third Part Administrator is a company that handles the Operations and Claims management of the health insurance on behalf of the insurance company. The name of the TPA is usually more familiar to client than the names of the insurance companies. TPA also contract with the hospitals and clinics, pharmacies, ect. And creates what is know as Network. Usually there are different networks for different programs.

Why there is a difference in price in different programs | Health (medical) insurance?

There are different levels and different prices in hospitals and all the health services sector. This is why putting a network together can be shapes in many programs. Starting from a basic program that has basic services, limited number of medical centers and minimum standards up to an enhanced lever of service with huge number of medical centers and highest standards. Therefore, there are different prices and range of the cost payable for the service.

Can I upgrade my insurance?

You can stop your insurance at a point of time and start a new one. Basically you will cancel your insurance and get refunded on the remaining period and then pay for the new insurance. This is mostly the case for the insurance services. Of course there are other cases where this is not applicable by law or in some other cases you can add riders to your insurance like personal accident insurance, etc..

How to use Tameen Advisor?

Decide which insurance are you looking for! Health, Car, Travel, etc.. Enter your information to allow us to calculate your free Quotation. You will see one or more quotations. Select the one you prefer and pay online or use any other payment method you want. After few minuets you will receive your insurance policy on email. You are insured. You can learn more about insurance with us. We love insurance and we love to tell you more about it. Ask us anything